Rising Stars Stokvel

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Rising Stars Stokvel

Member of NASASA: NASASA152341

Registered with Finacial Service Board and NCR

Aims and Objectives

The Rising Stars Stokvel is a Group of natural persons (individual members) amongst whom a common bond exists to form an invitation only group savings scheme, investor pool or rotating credit scheme.

The Rising Stars Stokvel:

a.)  consists of members who have pledged mutual support to each other towards the attainment of specific savings/investment objectives;

b.) Establishes a continuous pool of capital by raising funds by means of the subscription of contributions by members;

c.) The aggregate value of capital per Stokvel member does not exceed R1 000 000 000 per annum.

d.) Provides for members to share in profits and to nominate managers; and

e.) Relies on self-regulation to protect the interest of its members.

Here you will find all the latest information about our stokvel and its members. There is also a photo gallery with amazing pictures of us! 

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